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Palatek Model 75 & 100 H.P.

Palatek Model 75 & 100 H.P.
Palatek provides low maintenance, high performance and one of the most reliable air ends in the industry. Five Years Warranty. Our design features advanced profile working rotary screws that provides for improved efficiency. Operating costs are significantly reduced because compressors can be sized to desired operating conditions. Standard Features Electric Motor
230/460 volt (75-100 H.P.), Nema, T-frame, C-face, open drip proof squirrel cage induction type.
Five Year Lincoln Motor Warranty.
Motor Starter
460 volts (75-100 H.P.), full voltage magnetic starter with 110 volt controls, Nema-1 enclosure, UL, ETL listed and three phase overload with reset and phase protection. Other voltages available. Cooling fan protected by overload relay.
Separator Tank
ASME coded 200PSIG tank, relief valve, minimum pressure/check valve and high efficiency replaceable oil separator element with steel braded discharge pipe.
Fluid Fill & Level Elbow
One piece fluid fill elbow and level sight glass. Vented cap for pressure release when filling.
Protective Devices
Class 20 overload relay, high air temperature, high discharge temperature, high pressure shutdown switches and anti-restart pressure switch, preventing starting while air compressor is pressurized. Anti-reversing control standard.
Air Intake Filter
Oversized dry type, with replaceable element.
Inlet/Check Valve
One piece housing for dependable performance and complete modulation.
Coupling & Drive
Compressor is flange mounted to motor C-face for positive alignment and direct driven by zero maintenance coupling which carries a 5 year warranty.
Full modulation, solenoid controlled for smooth lowest possible no load power. Automatic start/stop or constant speed timed dual control.
Air pressure gauge, discharge pressure gauge, hour meter and temperature gauge.
Acoustical Enclosure, Optional
Easy removable panels for accesibility and maintenance.
Cooling System
Cooling system with fan motor. Large side by side air cooler and after cooler for easy cleaning. Updraft design allows hot air to be discharged readily.
Oil Filter
Spin on type mounted strategically for ease of maintenance and streamline tubing.
Capacity, ACFM370340275450335328
Maximum full load/unload psig120/130145/155165/175120/130145/155165/175
Motor horsepower757575100100100
Motor speed177517751775177517751775
Drive rotor couplingDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirect
Drive ratio1.832.232.0332.452.45
Rotor diameter163155/123155/123163155/123155/123
SOUND DATA (dba @ 1 m)       
Air Cooled open899090809090
Air Cooled enclosed838585838585
After cooler approach, degree F101215101215
Oil sump fluid capacity10 gal.10 gal.10 gal.10 gal.10 gal.10gal.

Capacity, ACFM420500450
Maximum full load/unload psig120/130110125
Motor horsepower100100100
Motor speed177517751775
Drive rotor couplingDirectDirectDirect
Drive ratioN/A1.181.08
Rotor Diameter225/178225/178225/178
SOUND DATA (dba @ 1 m)    
Air Cooled open899090
Air Cooled enclosed838585
After cooler approach, degree F101010
Oil sump fluid capacity12 gal.12 gal.12 gal.